Education Solutions

Empower Teachers and Maximize Students’ Learning Experience

MacBook Locks

Powerful and sleek security mechanism for any MacBook.

Cable Locks

Galvanized steel, Universal cable locks. Fit with standard security slot for any laptop and MacBook with Lock Adapter.

MacBook Lock Adapter

The world's smallest, most revolutionary security lock adapter for MacBooks.

The Blade

Ultra-strong retractable locking slot, for any laptop with or without a slot.

Apple TV Mount

Bestseller, Safeguard for Gen 4-6 Apple TV and Apple TV 4K 2022.

Mac mini Mount

Perfect for offices, conference rooms and universities, flawless security solution.

Security Solutions for Mac Studio

Mac Studio Ledge

Low profile, sleek design, powerful mechanism.

Mac Studio Mount

Enables efficient wall or counter mounting with cable management.

Mac Studio Stand

Perfect for any use case, allows ventilation.


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Case Studies

Aridan Books, Inc.

The Space enclosure securely mounted onto a crayon station for children’s use and education in a Bookstore.

University of Houston

Our enclosure answers the need to assist teachers and students with information and registrations. Over 200 tablets were deployed in the university.

Vocational School of the Alentejo Region

EPRAL chose our Mac mini Security Mount as a practical, aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use security solution for their multiple areas of training.