Our Case Studies

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Shiseido needed their iPads to be approachable, yet secured and controlled on their terms. It was important for the iPad kiosk to be as trendy as the brands reputation.

Polarn. O Pyret

Polarn. O Pyret

The leading brand for children´s clothing needed a way to display their customer interaction iPads in a secure way that would also blend into their setting and not distract from the apparel.



Nike wanted to enhance their customers’ shopping experience by digitizing their stores with iPad stands integrated to the retail design and providing all details about the products specifications and variations available.



Tabit wanted a hardware enclosure solution that was lightweight, secure, and that would protect the credit card swiper element sufficiently, while at the same time improving the customer experience.


The company needed a secure and customized display solution for their Microsoft Surface tablet on their front-facing high-tech vending machines to give the customer a nice, clean, easy checkout.


The challenge was to replace paper menus in restaurants with touchpads to facilitate order-taking. Smart touch menus, for seated catering and bars and mini order terminals for fast food which boost takeaway sales.


Magen David Adom

The emergency medical ambulances needed their solution to be shock-resistant, as well as being easily securable as the MADA emergency vehicles often drive at fast speeds. Additionally, tablets needed to be quickly released from their charging dock.


Voyce needed a large quantity of mobile tablets stands for an established hospital in New York. They approached us, requesting a solution that will improve the mobility of communication tablets, to provide easy access between rooms, and reach close to the patient’s bed, for better interaction.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser needed an easy way to photograph the patient using an iPad. They wanted a durable extra-long arm, that would securely hold an iPad enclosure. It was also important that the arm would be flexible and adjustable in order to use it at different heights.


Aridan Books, Inc.

The publishing company needed a way to keep the iPads securely mounted onto the Crayon Station, yet attractively displayed. Most important was that it be durable and sturdy, and that it has a rotational feature from portrait to landscape.

University of Houston

UHD wanted to keep their 200 tablets safe by enclosing them in tamper-proof security solutions to avoid any theft. They wanted them to blend into the student environment, throughout the classrooms, exit doors, conference rooms and auditoriums.

Vocational School of the Alentejo Region

As an educational establishment with several areas of training, EPRAL faces the daily challenge of keeping all our products 100% secure. They looked for practical, aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use security solutions.



The car manufacturer wanted to establish its digital media revolution using iPad in-store interactive catalog information stands within the group’s showrooms. They specifically wanted an adjustable kiosk to entice guests as they walk by the exhibit displays.


Honda integrated Reach articulated tablet arms in their accessories module display.


Mitsubishi seamlessly integrated white tablet enclosures to their own car showroom display material to provide the required information to potential customers.